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Dutch Food

Of course there are also many Dutch delicacies. Tasty Dutch food is always nice to receive as a gift. And by giving a Dutch gift what you can eat, it becomes extra personal. The best known delicacy in the Netherlands is probably the Stroopwafel. Stroopwafel translates to “syrup waffle,” It’s gooey caramel syrup sandwiched between a thin waffle sliced in half. Buttery, crisp, chewy and spiced with a little cinnamon, it’s a masterpiece of flavor and texture. We also have Dutch sweets. Traditional candy like the old Dutch candy, this is candy that is often made for centuries in Holland, the recipes are perfected by years of experience. Licorice is a beloved sweet in the Netherlands. 80% of the population eats licorice and on average a Dutch person eats 2 kg of licorice per year. For starters the sweet drop is a good entry into the world of licorice. The salty liquorice is more for the advanced licorice lover.