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Souvenirs Holland

Venco, Zwart-Witjes

Venco, Zwart-Witjes

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🖤✨ Indulge in Sweet Spiciness with Shiny Black & White Salmiak Drops! ✨🖤

Immerse yourself in a delightful experience with our Sweet Spicy Salmiak Drops – a symphony of flavors encased in shiny black and white elegance! These crispy drops boast a unique combination of textures and a flavor profile that's both sweet and spicy.

🍭 Crispy Extravaganza: Experience the joy of every bite as you delve into the crispy extravagance of these Salmiak Drops. The outer layer delivers a satisfying crunch, setting the stage for the flavorful journey that follows.

🖤 Shiny Black & White Allure: Dressed in a mesmerizing coat of shiny black and white, these drops are not just a treat for the taste buds but a visual delight. The contrast of colors adds an element of sophistication to your licorice indulgence.

🌶️ Sweet Spicy Fusion: Indulge in the fusion of sweet and spicy as you savor the salt black and white filling. The harmonious blend of flavors creates a delightful dance on your palate, making every bite a memorable experience.

🍬 Salmiak Infusion: Let the intense taste of drip powder, salmiak, and peppermint oil take your taste buds on a journey of unparalleled sweetness and spiciness. Each drop is a burst of flavor that captivates and enthralls.

🎁 Perfectly Portioned Joy: With a weight of 265 grams, each package of Shiny Black & White Salmiak Drops is a perfectly portioned joy. Share the delight with friends or savor the crispy, spicy goodness all to yourself.

🌈 Hard-Salted Elegance: The hard-salted elegance of these drops adds a layer of sophistication to your licorice experience. Revel in the balance of textures as you enjoy the gradual release of flavors with each satisfying crunch.

🍃 Unleash the Spicy Sweetness: Unleash the spicy sweetness of these Salmiak Drops – where crispy, shiny, and flavorful come together in licorice perfection. Elevate your licorice indulgence with each enchanting bite! 🖤✨ #SalmiakDrops #SweetSpicyTreat #CrispyElegance #LicoriceIndulgence #FlavorfulJoy

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