Collection: Tulips with Vase

Wooden Tulips in a Vase, a Typical Dutch Gift.

If you really want to give a typical Dutch gift, a bunch of wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase  is of course perfect. What is even more Dutch than these two Dutch icons combined? The wooden tulips are made by hand from high quality poplar wood, and then painted by hand in beautiful oil tones. In our webshop you will find different kinds of beautiful wooden tulips in all kinds of colors. They are available in 2 sizes: large (34 cm / 13,4 inch) and small (20 cm / 7,9 inch). An additional advantage, the tulips do not need water. Wooden tulips stay fresh and beautiful forever. This way you can provide your rooms with beautiful colored flowers all year round.

Wooden Tulips from Holland

The Netherlands is known for its tulips and other flowers. We are also called "the flower shop of the world". The tulips are grown on huge colorful fields. In spring, tulip festivals are held everywhere in Holland (but also outside of Holland). Many Dutch people who settled abroad took their love for tulips with them. that is how the tulip became spread all over the world. From New York (formerly New Amsterdam) to Holambra (Brazil) and from Sydney to Holland Michigan, where Dutch people live you'll find tulips. You can buy the wooden tulips separately or per bouquet. You can also choose to buy the tulips in a nice ornament. What do you think of a bunch of tulips in a clog, for example. Or tulips in an old Dutch Delft blue vase. Not only nice for the house, but also very suitable as decoration for the garden or balcony.

The Story of the Tulips.

Tulips are originally from the Ottoman Empire (nowadays Turkey). They were imported to the Netherlands for the first time in the 16th century. The tulip became enormously popular during the Dutch golden age. The flower could be seen a lot in paintings and during festivals. The tulips became more and more expensive and even became a way to invest money. In January 1637, tulip bulbs were sold for more than ten times the annual salary of an experienced craftsman, and were worth about as much as an Amsterdam canal house. These wooden tulips are the perfect plant for bad gardeners. But also for people who like to have tulips all year. These flowers don't need any water or attention. This long lasting iconic dutch flower is the perfect gift and it can decorate any spot in and around the house.