Collection: Dutch Christmas Ornaments

A Very Merry Dutch Christmas

Christmas ornaments, Christmas baubles, "Christmas bulbs" or "Christmas bells" We don't mind how you call them as long if you like to buy a typical Dutch one. We have a collection of beautiful Dutch Christmas ornaments, all in a typical style from Holland. Many of our Christmas ornaments are in a delft blue design. The colors white and blue represent the winter. And it looks great in every Christmas tree. A Delft blue Christmas tree has a special appearance. It looks cozy and has a winter look. The Delft blue Christmas ornaments are available in all kinds of beautiful variations. How about a Christmas windmill, a Delft blue penguin, or maybe a beautiful Amsterdam canal house for in the tree.

How do they celebrate Christmas in Holland?

Christmas in the Netherlands is similar to how it is celebrated in other countries. People eat and drink in the company of family. However, there are also some differences. For example, not every family celebrates Santa's arrival, and he does not always give presents.The reason for this is that "Sinterklaas" is celebrated in the Netherlands. This red-bearded, bearded child's friend looks a bit like Santa Claus, but it is actually the other way around. Dutch migrants have brought their Sinterklaas tradition to the United States, and over there he slowly transformed into Santa Claus.

Two Santas?

The Dutch holiday season starts mid-November when Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands. He arrives with his steamboat and the children welcome him to the harbor. Every year the Sinterklaas arrival is organized by a different city and this is broadcast live on Dutch television. Sinterklaas is helped by his controversial "Zwarte Pieten" (Black Pete). These cheerful Sinterklaas servants bring the presents down the chimney. The soot in the chimney has made them completely black. The Zwarte Piet is under attack nowadays because of the racist aspect of the black faces. That is why the Zwarte Pieten are often white nowadays with soot smears all over the face. In the time that Sinterklaas is in the country. (mid November to December 5) all children in the Netherlands can put their shoes by the fireplace. Sinterklaas and his helpers come by at night to fill the shoes with gifts and candy. Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday on 5 December and gives presents to all children in the Netherlands. therefore, his "cousin" from the North Pole can stay home three weeks later.

Decorating a Dutch Christmas Tree

When Sinterklaas is out of the country, the Christmas tree can be decorated. Christmas trees appear everywhere on the weekend after December 5. At home in the living room, but also in gardens and public spaces. Shopping malls are decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights, and Christmas markets are held in some cities. The Christmas tree is decorated with lights, garlands, Christmas ornaments and "kerstkransjes" (Cookies or Chocolate you can hang in the tree)

Dutch Christmas Food

During the holidays many delicacies are eaten that used to be very expensive. Spices, dried fruit, almonds and sugar. All these ingredients used to be used exclusively during Christmas. Nowadays, some treats are eaten throughout the year, such as speculaas. Other delicacies are only eaten during the holiday season such as "kruidnoten" A typical way to eat diner in Holland is "gourmetten." That's a hot plate with tiny pans wich you can use to grill your meat or vegatables.

Two Days of Christmas

In Holland, both December 25 and 26 are celebrated with the family. December 26 is known in the Netherlands as: second Christmas day. While in other countries people are fighting for a bargain on boxing day, the Dutch are still having fun with the family.