Collection: Wooden Shoes, The Perfect Souvenirs From Holland

Dutch Wooden Shoes

The wooden shoes are worn for centuries in the Netherlands. And until this day it is popular. In the garden and around the house it is the perfect shoe. It is also one of the most iconic souvenirs from Holland. It's a fun item to gift, or to get as a nice gift from Holland. What's more Dutch then some wooden shoes. Made from lightweight poplar wood, that will provide perfect isolation. Keeping your feet cool in the summer, and warm on the cold winterdays. The shoe is waterproof. When you drop tools, it is no problem. The clog will protect you.

The reasons why we wear wooden shoes in Holland

Wooden shoes are waterresistant

which is perfect for the moistures Dutch climate. It rains a lot here in Holland so the gras is often wet. Especially Farmers and Gardeners need to walk on the wet fields without getting their feet all wet. Walking through wet gras is not a problem with clogs, your feet stay nice and dry.

Wood insulates very well,

making wooden shoes warm footwear in the winter. During hot summer days you have the opposite effect: the insulating effect of the wooden shoes keeps your feet nice and cool. This is together with the waterresistantness the most important reason to use the clogs. Nobody likes cold feet, but here in Holland we have found a solution. It's name: wooden shoes.

Wooden shoes are perfect safety shoes.

When you work with heavy animals it will be no problem if they stand on your feet. You are also protected from dropping tools. Wooden shoes have been tested to withstand a pressure of 300 kg, (660 lbs) and they have been awarded a European CE mark, making it official legal safety footwear. Wooden shoes are not only worn by farmers in the Netherlands. Also factory workers and artisians use them for this reason.

When there are sharp objects on the ground, clogs are perfect.

There is no risk that nails or other sharp things pierce your shoes. (And feet) The wood of the clog protects you from all kind of sharp things. If you have worked in a workshop you probably know this problem. Sharp objects (nails, screws, pieces of metal) lying on the ground pierce your shoe and possibly your foot. With wooden shoes this is no problem, the clog protects you.

Wooden shoes are ideal as slippers for around the house.

They are easy to put on and off. When, for example, you have to take out the garbage, you quickly put on your clogs. Most Dutch people who own a pair of clogs put them next to the door. Inside you'll walk on your socks, when you need to go outside you just slip them on and off you go. No time wasted with lacers.

When your clogs are worn out,

you can give them a second life by using them as a planter. The lifetime of a clogs depends on the amount of usage, and the kind of usage. If you only use it in the garden and in the fields they will last longer then when you also use them on the street. For me as a intensive user (everyday, all day, on the streets) it takes about 10 months to wear of a pair. When you use it as a planter, make sure there is a hole at the bottom so that the water can run out.

Do you suffer from sweaty feet?

or do you know people with sweaty feet? Then this is the solution. The wood of the clog isolates, so your feet stay at body temperature. You will never get sweaty feet with wooden shoes.

Wooden shoes have got a orthopedic footbed.

It is important that you choose footwear that offers good support to your back and feet. A good clog lets your calves relax. This relieves your legs a lot. In short, the orthopedic design is therefore very suitable for everyone. It provides good support, resulting in a healthy posture. People that need to stand a lot for their job like doctors, nurses, receptionists, chefs, cassieres etc. are often big fans of clogs because of this reason.

People have started wearing clogs out of poverty.

Leather was not much available in the Netherlands and a relatively expensive raw material. Wood was available everywhere, and when the tools became good enough to hollow the wood, people began to wear wooden shoes. In the past, the families were a lot bigger than now, and you can imagine that it saves a lot of money when you let your children walk on clogs. I think you're now convinced and probably need a pair. Scroll up to check out our Unique wooden shoe collection. Wooden shoes go really well together with wool socks, it provides padding and extra insulation.