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Oldtimers, De Echte Zachtzoute Hinderloper Ruitjesdrop

Oldtimers, De Echte Zachtzoute Hinderloper Ruitjesdrop

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Transport yourself back to the jovial year of 1924, where a serendipitous event at the Hindelooper fair sparked the creation of something truly special. Douwe Douwenga, my father, found himself confined to an old wooden toilet by three playful friends during the lively festivities. Unperturbed, he turned this unexpected solitude into an opportunity.

Seated for four hours, his only connection to the outside world was a small, diamond-shaped opening in the bathroom door. In that moment, inspiration struck. What if he crafted a licorice in the shape of a diamond? Mildly salted, appealing to the taste of many. As he peered through the window, gazing at Hindeloopen's emblem on the town hall—a golden, galloping doe in a green pasture—he knew he had found his muse.

And so, the Hindelooper Ruitjesdrop was born—a solid, mild salt, rhombic licorice, featuring the iconic Hindeloopen doe. A year later, it became a regional sensation, extending its popularity to Alkmaar and Delfzijl. By 1931, the five hundred thousandth can rolled off the factory, setting a record for its time.

Today, it is an honor for me to revive my father's age-old recipe, ensuring that everyone in Friesland and beyond can savor the timeless delight of Hindelooper Ruitjesdrop once more.

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