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Oldtimers, De Echte Pittigzoete Sneker Zouthoudertjes

Oldtimers, De Echte Pittigzoete Sneker Zouthoudertjes

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In 1953, against the backdrop of football woes at SNEVO (Snekers Forward!), Jochem Douwenga, the son of the inventor, embarked on a mission to bring solace to disgruntled supporters. The club, humorously dubbed Snekers Backward, faced a series of defeats that cast a shadow on its spirit. Canteen owner A.A. Lycklema, sensing the need for a comforting treat, approached Jochem, requesting a licorice that could soothe the disheartened fans.

Jochem took up the challenge and spent a week tirelessly crafting a flavorful licorice, unveiling it proudly during a Saturday game. The response was immediate and positive, with many Snekers finding comfort in the licorice, even momentarily forgetting the football disappointments. The success of the licorice, fondly called "zoethoudertje," quickly transcended the confines of Snevo and gained popularity throughout Friesland and beyond.

Despite the licorice's widespread acclaim, production came to an unfortunate halt in the late sixties, attributed to a "new wind blowing through the drop world." However, with a sense of pride, the Sneker Zoethoudertjes have endured and regained popularity, reminiscent of their heyday during the golden era of Frisian football. Today, these licorice treats continue to offer a sweet reprieve to both loyal fans and newcomers alike.

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