Collection: Dutch Sandwich Spread

Dutch Sandwich Spread

the Dutch sandwich spread may sometimes be perceived as strange, but we just think it is very tasty. There are different types of typical Dutch sandwich fillings.

Peanut Butter

Dutch people eat the most peanut butter per capita in the world. The favourite Dutch brand is Calvé Peanut Butter, which has an incredibly strong ‘cult’ following. In the Netherlands, many people start eating Calvé as children and it will be their preferred peanut butter throughout their lives, and it is considered the national brand of peanut butter.
Since production of peanut butter began in 1948, Calvé’s iconic advertising campaigns have ensured that the brand has continued to be a family favourite.

Comprised of 85% peanuts, Calvé peanut butter, which is produced by Unilever, contains a high concentration of healthy unsaturated fat and is a source of protein, fibres, vitamins & minerals.

Although it is a firm favourite in the Netherlands, Calvé has also proven itself to be a huge hit internationally, due to the power of the world wide web it is now available all around the world.

Chocolate Sprinkles

Imagine a world—a magical world—where eating sprinkles is a normal everyday activity for people of all ages. Where you can eat sprinkles for breakfast. For lunch. For a snack in between breakfast and lunch. No birthdays or other special occasions required.

This magical world is in the Netherlands, where sprinkles, called hagelslag (translation: "hailstorm"), come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes, and are most commonly eaten on top of buttered bread.

To eat hagelslag the Dutch way: Take a slice of bread (white or brown), spread with unsalted butter, and sprinkle it well, You can also put it on toasted bread; it's just a matter of personal preference.

Lotus Speculoos

Lotus Speculoos is spreadable variant on Speculoos cookies, the flavor is caramelized and gingerbread-like with a color similar to peanut butter and a consistency ranging from creamy to granular or crunchy. The spread consists of 60% crushed speculooscookies along with vegetable oils.

Lotus Speculoos Butter is the irresistible, spreadable treat made from Lotus Biscoff Cookies. You will love this sweet, creamy, European spread as an alternative to nut butters and chocolate spreads. It's the only cookie butter made with original Lotus Biscoff Cookies.