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Dutch Birdhouses

These Dutch birdhouses are every birds dream. Available in different traditional dutch building styles, it is the perfect place for a small bird (tomtit) to build a nest. The bird houses are available in different traditional Dutch styles. How about a beautiful Dutch windmill as a birdhouse? Or maybe you prefer a Zaanse Cottage. Then you have come to the right place.

Breeding box in the spring, shelter in the winter.

Our bird houses can be used by birds in both spring and winter. In the spring it is very suitable as a nesting site during the breeding season. In winter, the birdhouses serve as a shelter for the harsh weather. The bird houses are of high quality and the wood is FSC certified, making it resistant to all weather conditions. In order to enjoy your birdhouse even longer, it is advisable to provide the outside of the house with a clear varnish.

Hanging a birdhouse.

The bird houses in our collection are perfect nest boxes for tomtits, greattits, and other small birds. The best time to hang your birdhouse is during February. (August in the Southern Hemisphere) around that time the birds start scouting for a suitable nesting site. Hang the birdhouse at a height of 2 to 3 meters (6 to 10 feet) With the opening to the east if possible. North to southeast is also possible, but you get the best chance of residents with an opening to the east. A nesting box may not hang in full sun or rain, it is therefore wise to hang it on a tree or under a canopy,

Getting the birdhouses inhabited every year.

It is certainly possible to have your birdhouse inhabited year after year. To achieve this it is important to remove the nest after the breeding season and to clean the inside with (boiled) water. Do not use any cleaning agents, even if they are environmentally friendly. The cleaning prevents parasites or other vermin from being left behind in the nest box. In addition, building a nest is an important part of the breeding season, when old nests are still present, the bird cannot build a new nest and therefore chooses a different place.

Buy Dutch Birdhouses

It is of course very nice to lend a hand to the birds during the spring and winter. But of course it is even nicer if your birdhouse looks nice in your garden. Our Dutch birdhouses are a feast for the eyes, not only the birds, but you too will certainly enjoy our charming birdhouses.