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Wall Plate Kingfisher

Wall Plate Kingfisher

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Wall Plate Kingfisher

🕊️ Discover the Elegance of the Kingfisher in Delft Blue Splendor! 🏰🎨

Embark on a 400-year journey where birds and Delft Blue entwine in a mesmerizing dance of artistry. Introducing our exclusive collection of Delft blue wall plates adorned with the graceful presence of cheerful whistlers — birds that have captivated hearts and canvases alike. 🐦💙

🌺 A Celebration of Birds on Delftware: For centuries, lush flowers and birds have adorned Delftware, creating a tapestry of elegance. Now, these cheerful whistlers take center stage in a collection that pays homage to their timeless charm.

🇳🇱 Symbolism of the Kingfisher in Dutch Culture: In Dutch culture, the kingfisher symbolizes perseverance and confidence in a favorable outcome despite adversity. Rooted in ancient Greek tradition, the kingfisher's nesting habits above calm waters reflect resilience. William of Orange and Queen Wilhelmina embraced this symbol, using it with the Latin motto "Saevis tranquillus in undis" — "Quiet in the midst of tossing waves."

🎨 Colors Reflecting Heritage: The vibrant hues of orange, white, and blue in the kingfisher's feathers mirror the colors of the Principality of Orange and the County of Nassau. This regal palette adds a touch of historical significance to the collection.

🏡 Size and Weight: Each wall plate, measuring 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) and weighing 380 grams (13.4 ounces), becomes a canvas where the kingfisher's elegance meets the timeless charm of Delft Blue.

🌐 Adorn Your Wall with Avian Majesty: Elevate your living space with the regal presence of the kingfisher, a symbol of tranquility amidst life's storms. Embrace the beauty of Dutch heritage and avian grace with this exquisite collection. 🏰💐 #KingfisherCollection #DelftBlueArtistry #BirdsOnDelftware #DutchHeritage #SymbolismInArt

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