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Wall plate 'Ice Scene' Hendrick Avercamp, Large

Wall plate 'Ice Scene' Hendrick Avercamp, Large

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Wall plate 'Ice Scene' Hendrick Avercamp, Large

❄️🎨 Revel in the Golden Age with the Ice Scene Wall Plate by Hendrick Avercamp! 🎨❄️

Embark on a journey to the Dutch Golden Age (1575-1675), a period of opulence and artistic brilliance. Crafted based on Hendrick Avercamp's masterpiece "Ice Scene," this exquisite wall plate encapsulates the essence of a bygone era.

🌟 Golden Age Prosperity: Explore the epoch of great wealth and artistic flourishing known as the Golden Age, where the Dutch Republic witnessed an unparalleled renaissance in arts and crafts, including the sublime art of painting.

🎨 Inspired by Hendrick Avercamp: The captivating scene on this plate draws inspiration from Hendrick Avercamp, a Dutch painter born in 1585. Renowned for his passion for depicting winter landscapes, Avercamp's "Ice Scene" exudes the charm of a frosty Dutch winter.

❄️ Winter Wonderland: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of snowy fields, rooftops, and streets—a quintessential old-Dutch ambiance reminiscent of classic paintings. Avercamp's specialization in winter landscapes brings forth a unique perspective.

🖼️ Mute of Kampen's Legacy: Hendrick Avercamp, known as the "mute of Kampen" due to his deaf-mute condition, demonstrated exceptional artistic prowess from a young age. His winter-themed artworks have become iconic, including the renowned "Ice Scene" displayed at the Mauritshuis.

🌬️ Capturing the "Little Ice Age": Transported back to a time of frozen wonder, Avercamp's works thrived during the "Little Ice Age" (ca. 1550-1850), when canals, lakes, and rivers regularly transformed into icy playgrounds.

📐 Dimensions and Weight: Measuring 31.5 cm (12.4 inches) and weighing 1100 grams (38.8 ounces), this wall plate is a substantial masterpiece, adding historical grandeur to your space.

🎭 Preserving Winter's Magic: Celebrate the legacy of Hendrick Avercamp and the enchanting winters of the Golden Age by adorning your walls with the Ice Scene Wall Plate—a timeless testament to Dutch artistry. ❄️🖼️ #GoldenAgeArt #HendrickAvercamp #IceSceneMasterpiece #DutchWinterCharm

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