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Souvenirs Holland

Vase with Tulips, Delft Vase, 9 Small Wooden Tulips

Vase with Tulips, Delft Vase, 9 Small Wooden Tulips

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Delft blue vase with wooden tulips, a typical Dutch gift

🌷 Dutch Tradition Meets Timeless Elegance: Wooden Tulips in Delft Blue Vase 🌷

Looking for the quintessential Dutch gift? Our Wooden Tulips in a Delft Blue Vase are the epitome of Dutch culture, blending two iconic symbols into one exquisite present. Crafted with precision and care, these wooden tulips bring the beauty of the Netherlands to life.

🌈 A Symphony of Colors: Delight in a burst of vibrant hues! Our bouquet features nine wooden tulips in nine different colors, each meticulously hand-painted in rich oil tones. It's a kaleidoscope that captures the essence of Dutch floral brilliance.

🌼 Blooms All Year Round: Unlike their living counterparts, these wooden tulips bloom perpetually, adding a touch of Dutch spring to any season. No need for watering or sunlight – enjoy everlasting beauty that defies the limitations of natural blooms.

🎁 Perfectly Packaged Delight: Presented in a charming gift bag, this bouquet of wooden tulips makes for a delightful surprise. Whether gifting yourself or a loved one, it's a celebration of Dutch craftsmanship and enduring tradition.

🪵 Material & Dimensions:

  • Tulips: Crafted from high-quality poplar wood, 20 cm in length with a flower size of 3 cm.
  • Vase: Made from ceramic, standing at a height of 12 cm. The Delft blue style adds a touch of classic Dutch elegance.

🌿 A Dutch Masterpiece: Indulge in the everlasting beauty of Dutch tulips with this exquisite wooden bouquet. It's not just a gift; it's a symbol of enduring tradition and a nod to the timeless allure of Delft blue craftsmanship.

🌐 Bring Home a Piece of Holland: Whether adorning your own space or gifting a piece of Dutch heritage, our Wooden Tulips in Delft Blue Vase embody the spirit of the Netherlands. Cherish the beauty, tradition, and craftsmanship – a true Dutch masterpiece. 🇳🇱🎨 #WoodenTulips #DelftBlueVase #DutchCraftsmanship #EternalBlooms #TimelessTradition

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