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Delft Blue Ceramic Coasters with 4 Pictures of Canal Houses

Delft Blue Ceramic Coasters with 4 Pictures of Canal Houses

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☕ #DelftBlue #CanalHouseCharm #TableElegance

Captivating Canal House Designs:

  1. Architectural Finesse: Introducing our Delft blue earthenware coasters, adorned with diverse images of iconic canal houses. Let the charm of Dutch architecture grace your tabletop with these captivating designs.

  2. Set of Four: Unbox a set of four coasters, each featuring a different canal house image. Transform your table setting with the quaint allure of Delftware craftsmanship.

Crafted for Practical Beauty:

  1. Perfect Dimensions: With dimensions measuring L 10 cm, B 10 cm, H 0.7 cm, these coasters seamlessly blend form and function, providing a perfect balance of utility and artistry.

  2. Durable Earthenware: Experience the enduring quality of Delft blue earthenware, ensuring these coasters stand the test of time. Combine aesthetics with functionality in your daily routine.

Ideal for Every Occasion:

  1. Charming Canal House Imagery: Delight in the intricate details of various canal house designs on each coaster. Elevate your coffee or tea moments with the essence of Dutch heritage.

  2. Complete Set: Share the charm with family and friends as each set contains four distinct coasters. Adorn your table with these miniature pieces of Dutch cultural expression.

Product Details:

🎨 Delft Blue Artistry: Revel in the timeless beauty of Delft blue, capturing the essence of Dutch craftsmanship. These coasters serve as both functional accessories and exquisite pieces of art.

⚖️ Sturdy and Stylish: Despite their delicate appearance, these coasters are crafted for durability, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical protection for your tabletop.

Transform your coffee breaks into moments of refined elegance with our Delft Blue Canal House Coasters! 🏠🔷

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