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Bunch of Tulips, Wood, 9 pieces, Small

Bunch of Tulips, Wood, 9 pieces, Small

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Wooden tulips, a typical Dutch gift

When it comes to giving a quintessentially Dutch gift, nothing rivals the timeless charm of a bunch of tulips. Elevating this tradition, our wooden tulips are meticulously crafted, made from high-quality poplar wood, and adorned with hand-painted details in beautiful oil tones.

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###Blooms That Last All Year:

  1. Ideal for All: Perfect for those without green thumbs, our wooden tulips require no water, allowing you to enjoy their beauty year-round. Unlike real tulips that bloom briefly in spring, these wooden counterparts bring perpetual joy.

  2. Nine Colors in One Bouquet: Delight yourself or a loved one with a set of nine wooden tulips, each in a different color. A versatile and vibrant gift that adds a touch of Dutch charm to any space.

###Crafted Details and Dimensions:

  • Material: Wood
  • Length: 20 cm / 7.9 inch
  • Flower Size: 3 cm / 1.2 inch

###The Story of the Tulips:

  1. Origin and Popularity: Originally from the Ottoman Empire, tulips found their way to the Netherlands in the 16th century, becoming a symbol of the Dutch Golden Age. Adorning paintings and festivals, tulips gained significant cultural and economic importance.

  2. Tulipomania: In the 17th century, tulip bulbs became a form of investment, reaching exorbitant prices. In January 1637, they were sold for more than ten times the annual salary of a skilled craftsman.

###The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion:

  1. No Maintenance Required: Ideal for those who lack gardening skills, these wooden tulips need no water or attention. A long-lasting symbol of Dutch heritage, perfect for gifting and decorating any space.

Bring the beauty of Dutch tulips into your life with our Wooden Tulips – a lasting and iconic gift for any occasion! 🌷🎁 #WoodenFlowers #DutchHeritage #TimelessGifts

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