Wooden Shoe and Marken Q&A

Every day we get a lot of questions about wooden shoes and the island of Marken. On this page we like to inform you on these subjects.

Were clogs worn during the Dutch expeditions to the East Indies?
voc klompen
On the ships of the VOC they wore wooden shoes. Those became softer because they got wet all day. To protect them, they where wrapped in rope and tarred
Why do some wooden shoes have pointy noses?
wooden shoe pointy nose
the pointy wooden shoes were originaly invented for fishermen. The pointy nose you can use to pull in the nets.
Is it possible to put a plant in a wooden shoe? 
wooden shoe planter
Many people use their (old) clogs as a planter. Just make sure you make a hole at the bottom so the water can get out. (Don't let your clog get clogged)
Where does the word sabotage come from?
sabotage origin
The word sabotage comes from the French word for clog. (sabot) During the great Liege strikes in 1886, the first machines where sabotaged by laborers who threw their clogs into it.
What are the decoration on top of each house in Marken for?
gevel makelaar
On Marken the ridge of the roof gets decorated with a "makelaar". Every symbol has its own meaning. The harp on this facade stands for purity and cleanlines
Do you get cold feet in wooden shoes?
isolating shoes
You'll never get cold feet in wooden shoes. The wood provides perfect insolation. In the winter they'll keep your feet warm, and you'll never get sweaty feet on hot days
What are wedding clogs?
wedding clogs
When you got married on Marken, you have to get your bride some carved wedding shoes . De lady (bride) wore them in the time in between the engagement and the wedding. When the wedding was finished, they used to put the wedding shoes on their bedside table. This brings good luck in the marriage.
Is Marken an Island?
dijk marken
Marken is a former island, and now a peninsula which lays in the lake “Markermeer”. In 1957 Marken got connected to the mainland. Marken is established in the province the North-Holland.
Who was Sijtje Boes?
Sijtje Boes
Sijtje Vlasbloem-Boes (Marken 27 October 1895 - Purmerend 10 April 1983) better known as Sijtje Boes, was a legendary souvenir seller on the island Marken. Thanks to her Marken became a touristic attraction.
Does Marken have a traditional costume?
Marker Costume
The costume of Marken is the traditional clothes they wore in the early days? People around the Netherlands think this is the most decorated and colorful costume in the Netherlands. The fabrics the people use, are also used as bed sheets and is also heritage for the next generation.