Netherlands Souvenirs

Netherlands Souvenirs

Netherlands Souvenirs is the online platform of the Wooden Shoe Factory Marken . We make unique wooden shoes on the (former) island of Marken for over 50 years. But we are more than just a clog store. We sell a wide range of Dutch quality products, and we ship them all around the world. Because of our many years of experience making wooden shoes, we are experts when it comes to clogs. But we also have a lot of experience with other typical Dutch souvenirs. In addition to our unique clog collection, we have an extensive range of Delft blue, Dutch kitchen towels, wooden tulips and much more.

Buy a Dutch Gift

A Dutch gift is wonderful to give and to receive. With our gifts we try to show what Holland means to us. That can be pair of wooden shoes, a Delft blue windmill, but also a bunch of wooden tulips. By giving a Dutch gift, we give something of our identity, and that makes the gift more personal. We have nice gifts for everyone. For a good friend, a brand new father and mother, but also for a business relation who comes to visit.

Wooden Shoes

Our specialty is of course clogs. Every year we are visited by thousands of people who want to see the production process of making wooden shoes. We explain the process and answer questions where necessary. This makes us clog experts. Do you have questions about clogs? Or do you want to visit us? Then you can always contact us. We are also happy to help you determine the right size for you. The wooden shoes that we sell are unique and can only be purchased from us. In addition to our wooden shoes, we also sell the so-called leather clogs / clog shoes / health clogs.

Delft Blue

When you think of Holland you naturally also think of Delft blue. We have an extensive collection of Delftware. Are you looking for a typical Dutch tea or coffee set? Then you have come to the right place. But we also have Delft blue vases, cheese boards and beautiful Delft blue christmas ornaments. The Delft blue that we sell is all produced in the Netherlands, no cheap imitation products in this store we truly want to represent the Netherlands. All the items will be carefully wrapped and boxed before shipping.

Wooden Tulips

The Netherlands is known for its tulips and other flowers. We are also called "the flower shop of the world". A bunch of tulips is a ideal gift, what is even more Dutch than a bunch of tulips? Our tulips are all made out of wood so the tulips do not need water. Wooden tulips stay fresh and beautiful forever. This way you can provide your rooms with beautiful colored flowers all year round.


Dutch Food

Of course there are also many Dutch delicacies. Tasty food is always nice to receive as a gift. And by giving a Dutch gift what you can eat, it becomes extra personal. The best known delicacy in the Netherlands is probably the Stroopwafel. Stroopwafel translates to “syrup waffle,” It’s gooey caramel syrup sandwiched between a thin waffle sliced in half. Buttery, crisp, chewy and spiced with a little cinnamon, it’s a masterpiece of flavor and texture. We also have Dutch sweets. Traditional candy like the old Dutch candy, this is candy that is often made for centuries in Holland, the recipes are perfected by years of experience. Licorice is a beloved sweet in the Netherlands. 80% of the population eats licorice and on average a Dutch person eats 2 kg of licorice per year. For starters the sweet licorice is a good entry into the world of licorice. The salty liquorice is more for the advanced licorice lover.

Dutch Quality & Great Service

Netherlands Souvenirs has been a supplier of various Dutch products for many years. Quality products and good service are our top priority. From our brick and mortar store in Marken we sell many typical Dutch gifts and souvenirs. No more space in your suitcase? No problem, we will just ship it to you. We also send many packages from our webshop all over the world. Do you have questions about one of our products or services? Please contact us at