The Clog Experience

This is nl is the online platform of the clog experience. We make unique wooden shoes on the (former) island of Marken. But we are more than just a clog store. We sell a wide range of Dutch quality products, and we ship them all around the world. We will add more and more Dutch products in the coming period, so keep an eye on it.


Wooden Shoes Leather Clogs Clog Slippers Wooden Tulips Small Clogs Ceramics Christmas Ornaments Birdhouses Socks dish and hand towelsMiscellaneous 

Dutch Food:

Stroopwafels Hagelslag, Chocolate Sprinkles Dutch Sandwich Spread Old Dutch Candy Licorice Cookie Moulds

Featured Content:

Demonstration 360


English Wooden Shoe Demonstration Spanish Wooden Shoe Demonstration Dutch Wooden Shoe Demonstration 360 Degrees Shop View


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